Allergy Treatment & Custom Sublingual Immunotherapy in New York

*Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) drops are custom mixed allergy drops containing your allergens; you take a few drops under your tongue in the convenience of your own home and, over the course of time, you are desensitized.

What Patients Are Saying


“When I learned about the sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) Dr. Muller was providing in her office I was so excited. It’s so easy and convenient. Her office mails my bottle of drops to me every month and I take them daily at home. No more shots. No more weekly appointments. I feel so much better with regard to my allergy symptoms. This is the way to do it!”

Helen S.

“My nine year old son has terrible allergies and eczema. My son’s pediatrician told me about Dr. Muller and the sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) that she offers in her office, so We went for a consultation. It’s been a while now and my son’s allergies and eczema have improved with treatment. It’s great that Dr. Muller’s office offers such an effective, easy alternative for children to receive the benefits of immunotherapy without having to go for weekly allergy shots.”

Karen N.

“I was seeing Dr. Muller for my dry eyes and she noticed signs of allergies while examining me. She offered to do an allergy test and determined my exact allergens 10 minutes later. I started sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) and I can not believe how much better my breathing and sense of taste is. So simple and so effective!”

Suzanne K.

“A friend who swears by Dr. Muller referred me to her when I was complaining that my dry eyes were getting worse and I was more uncomfortable. Dr. Muller gave me the most thorough examination of my life, started me on aggressive dry eye treatment. At a later appointment she tested me for allergies and found I’m allergic to dust, mold, cats, tree pollen and grasses. I started SLIT and can not believe how much better I feel. I feel less tired, I no longer have headaches and my eyes have improved dramatically.”

John T.